Friday, 25 February 2011

Metalina Rose & Pearl Grey Albiflora Wedding Bouquet

Metalina Roses are so very, very clever, they juxtapose brilliantly with a huge array of shades, I think of them as an entirely Silver grey Rose, with the millions of water partices within each petal creating a glistening pearlised effect.
This first (and second) image shows the bouquet against a fabulous ivory wedding gown (& table cloth), the wedding bouquet takes on a bleached out vintage vibe in these two images.

The Metlina Rose Wedding Bouquet here looks perfect with this Teal shaded Bridesmaid's gown, the roses seem to take on the hue, they are precisley the right tone.

Finally the Metalina Roses in the posy bouquet look almost lilac or lavender coloured against this grape and oyster Bridesmaids gown

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